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At Beloved Warriors, we know how powerful it is when women come together with the same heart of fellowship and love for one another.  This is why we have small groups that are devoted to encouragement and fellowship.  Together we learn about God’s Word and how to apply it in our lives.  These small groups range in age and topic.  Any woman is invited!

We are currently active in Central Indiana and Florida. To bring a Beloved Warriors group to your hometown, please contact us.

Please enjoy our FREE video companion to the boot camp small group series. Please contact Beloved Warriors to order your individual study guides (317) 753-8326.

Boot Camp – Week 1

Boot Camp – Weeks 2-4

To view videos for weeks 2-4, please click here. You need to have purchased a study guide to watch the videos to get the watch “code”.



Churches & Other Organizations

All over the nation churches and other organizations already have small groups in place for their members. A Beloved Warriors small group is just another layer of discipleship for women within the church to deepen their relationship with Jesus. We come in with a supporting heart to help aid the ministry’s staff who most of time are overloaded with responsibilities. Together we find out how we can best help the church and the women who chose your church as their place of worship. Two women from your church will be shown how to facilitate the discussion in the small group by using Beloved Warriors’ SHARE training. We do not charge for our services and will provide mentorship to the facilitators on a continuous basis. The pastoral staff within your church or organization will be in complete control of the Biblical studies and training the women within the group are experiencing. Our mission is not to take over and “be the women’s ministry” in your organization but to be the “difference maker” in the everyday lives of the women who support your ministry.



Military Small Groups

One of the groups closest and dearest to our hearts are our military bible study groups for service women and the families of service men. A great many tribulations undertake a military family, and only a few can really understand the pains and the sacrifices that accompany the commitment to protecting our great nation and freedoms.



Addiction Facility Small Groups

Recovery can be a beautiful process when taking the journey with Jesus. Beloved Warriors seeks to reach out to those breaking the chains of addiction. We provide a safe small group environment that encourages success along each step of the journey. These small groups are designed to be held within a recovery facility, a sober-living home, or at any off-site location that focuses on healing women who have struggled with a life of addiction.