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Confident Trust

As storms arise in our lives and uncertainty swirls around us, Jesus wants us to remain confident in our relationship with him. Change is a constant in everyone’s lives. No one has ever been exempted from experiencing changes that can rock their “boat” and make life feel uncertain. In spite of the storms, if we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, we can have a confident trust in the One who remains the calming presence in the midst of stormy seas.

The gospel of Matthew recounts two different occasions where storms unexpectedly arose as the disciples were traveling by boat. (Matt. 8 & 15) In the first occasion, the boat was violently tossed around as Jesus was in the lower deck sleeping! Fear gripped the hearts of the disciples and they were afraid for their lives. When they finally decided to wake up Jesus, he recognized the fear in them and quickly calmed the storm. Then he asked, why they were so afraid and displayed such little faith.

In the second storm we find a very interesting twist. This time the disciples were alone in the boat as the winds became stronger and the waves grew higher. As they looked out onto the water, someone was coming toward them walking on the high waves! It was Jesus. Again, they were afraid, but Jesus called out to them not to be afraid. Peter then asked if he could walk to Jesus on the water. Interestingly, Jesus did not calm the sea before Peter stepped out. Peter stepped out onto the high waves to come closer to his Savior. Did he make it? Well, the Bible says that Peter saw the high waves and started to sink. He had taken his eyes off of Jesus and focused on the storm around him. But, as he sank, he cried out to Jesus and immediately Jesus lifted him up, placed him back in the boat, and calmed the storm.

My hope today is that as you read the retelling of these two storms you realize that your Savior is in the midst of your own personal storm and uncertainty of life. Jesus was not impressed by the storm; it was never his focus. YOU are his focus. Just as he cared about the feelings of the disciples, he cares about how the storm is affecting you emotionally. In the midst of your trouble he longs to settle your fears and help you remain confident that he will help you. The storm may not subside immediately, but he also has the power to show you how to ride the waves in the midst of the storm.

Confident trust in your Savior means your eyes are fixed on the one who the winds and waves obey. It is taking each day, one day at a time, knowing that as you focus on him, he will guide your steps. He may call you out upon the high waves for a time to build your confidence and strengthen your legs, but he will never leave you! He is riding those waves with you.

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