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Your Unique Journey with Christ

Frequently playing the game of comparison in our minds can be both destructive and distracting as we seek to honor God with our thoughts and choices. While comparing prices and choices in life can be very helpful, human tendency to compare our lives to others can lead to a very unhappy life instead of leading the life God intended for us. Social media has become a daily part of so many people’s lives. Studies are starting to report that its affect on the mental and emotional well-being of the individual does not encourage a healthy thought life and good feelings. Many now report being more sad, depressed or angry after scrolling through the recent posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Some of this could be contributed to feelings related to comparison. Adults and children have feelings of sadness or depression as they see what others have or are doing compared to their own reality. Comparing our lives to others is definitely not a new struggled for humanity. Peter, who Jesus called the “rock,” compared his life to another disciple as Jesus had just finished telling him about his future. (John 21) He wanted to know what was going to happened to this other disciple. Jesus responded to Peter’s inquiry with reminding him that that was none of his business. His focus was to remain on HIM and following HIM the rest of his life. In Mark and Matthew, there are accounts of the disciples comparing themselves to each other and wondering who would be take “first place” in the Kingdom of Heaven. Even a mom got involved! She was asking Jesus to choose her sons over the others! The Bible says that the disciples became indignant, angry when they heard this. Knowing the destruction this could cause, Jesus quickly reminded them that to be great in His Kingdom, meant being one who served. Beloved One, just as your Savior refocused his disciples while on earth, let this refocus you to his TRUTH. You have your own journey with Him. One that is unique to you. One that cannot be taken from you. His desire for you is to have a full life. (John 10:10) A life that overflows with his love, joy, peace and healthy relationships. Comparing leads to all kinds of destruction in your thought life, emotional health, and even in relationships. He asks us as is children to keep our eyes fixed on Him, focused on the race set before us individually, and focused on encouraging each other in the faith. We all have been given different circumstances, relationships, and gifting. Comparing was not what he wants us to do. He wants us to celebrate our differences and encourage each other to choose that which pleases our Father every day.

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