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God’s Beautiful Masterpiece

I love crafting.  If you come to my house on any random day, you will see at least one project that I am working on…sometimes two…sometimes three or four.  I have a bad habit of starting projects and never fully finishing them.  When I do finish them, I am excited and want to show the world my masterpiece.

You see, none of my creations start out beautiful.  They are normally made from scraps of wood, furniture that I picked up from the trash, or pieces of recycled materials that nobody wants.  My creations look generic and ugly when I first start out.

Did I tell you that I LOVE crafting?  Crafting turns something that is plain, boring, and unwanted into a gorgeous, unique masterpiece that people crave to have.  I put my love and time into these objects and they turn into something beautiful.  Not everyone thinks they’re beautiful, but that’s ok.  I think they are and that is all that matters.

My crafting is similar to what God does in each one of us every single day.  He makes something that is plain, boring, and unwanted into a gorgeous, unique masterpiece.  Not everyone will love the masterpiece that he creates, but he does and that is all that matters.

In Ephesians 2:10 of the New Living Translation it says, “For we are God’s masterpiece.  He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

God created us and calls us his masterpiece.  He didn’t make us because he was bored and had nothing to do which is why I craft sometimes.  He made us, each one of us, for a purpose.   He created us to do good things.  I don’t always craft so my creations will do good things.  I craft because I enjoy it and sometimes I create beautiful things.  God creates beautiful things to do beautiful things.

Isn’t that beautiful?

If God created you and God creates beautiful things, then you my dear friend, are beautiful.  It doesn’t matter what anyone says.  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  YOU ARE GOD’S MASTERPIECE!

If you keep reading in Ephesians, you’ll get to chapter 4 verse 25.  I never thought this verse pertained to me before this week when I read it.  I always thought it was written for people who are “liars” and rarely speak truth.  I read it different this time.

“So stop telling lies.”  Ephesians 4:25 NLT

I’ve never believed I was a masterpiece.  I believed lies.  I keep telling myself lies, but God wants me to stop telling those lies and he wants you to stop too.  We are both masterpieces.  We are God’s beautiful creations.

Satan wants us to believe we aren’t a masterpiece.  He has the world against us pressing us to believe his horrible lies.  When we believe Satan’s lies, we sit idle.  We no longer do the good things that God created us to do and we live our lives without a purpose.

We have a purpose and can live according to that purpose when we stop believing Satan’s lies and start believing the truth the Bible tells us repeatedly.  Which one will you decide to listen to today?

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